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SB4 Pet Screen Door

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Heavy Duty Framed Screen Pet Door

SB4 Pet Screen Door The SB4 Pet Screen Door by Security Boss Manufacturing LLC is the newest product specially designed for customers seeking a pet door in Lanai, Pool Enclosures, Screened Porches or even Storm Doors. The SB4 can be ordered in two fitting ranges to accompany most any application. This screen door is designed for permanence, allowing you to have it framed in as you would a traditional door mounted pet door.

The SB4 can be also be ordered with or without a blocking panel if you wish to control the access of your pet. There are 3 frame color options, two blocking panel options along with 5 sizes to accompany nearly any pet,. The center swing door has embedded magnets at the base to assist with a positive closure. The center portion is made with Pet Super Screen, which is scratch and tear resistant. In the off chance this needs replacement, it can be easily done by the home owner. All components of this door can be maintained by the customer to keep it in peak operation.

Regular Adjustment
1 1/4" to 2"
Narrow Adjustment
3/4" to 1 1/8"

Security Boss Limited Lifetime WarrantySb4 Models are very popular with Lanai or Pool Enclosure customers as it allows for them to grant access to their pets utilizing a durable, rust resistant option. Pet Screen doors, especially for larger dogs are nearly non existent. This model features a Limited Lifetime Warranty and be kept in new condition with the maintenance of its component pieces.

Security Boss is Made in the USA

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