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Thermo Insulated Kennel Guillotine Doors

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Thermo Insulated Guillotine Doors
The Thermo Insulated Kennel Door is reinforced on all sides with the Security Boss custom C-channel. This reinforcement prevents warping, bending and binding that naturally occurs with all polypropylene, plastic or HDPE type kennel doors. The Thermo Insulated Kennel Door will maintain its integrity due to the strong aluminum framing on all sides. Specialized weatherstripping at the top and bottom of each panel seals the door to the floor and wall when in closed position.

Know Before You Buy
These guillotine doors offer superior insulation as well as impact resistance for long life. Doors are reinforced with aluminum channel & features weatherstripping seal to the floor and wall of facility.

Thermo Insulated Guillotine Door All Thermo Insulated Kennel Doors come standard with the strongest, heavy duty rails. These rails are adjustable to ensure the proper fit and operation of your kennel doors. Each door ordered will come with a hardware mounting/operation kit. This hardware allows you to install an overhead cable supported by pulleys to operate the guillotine door from outside of the kennel. Optional Kennel Handles are available for kennel enclosures that have a chain link entrance. The Thermo Insulated Kennel Doors come with a 1-year warranty against manufacture defect.

1/4" thick HDPE inner core with white or black ABS sides. Reinforced with aluminum channel on all sides Weather stripping seal to wall & floor. These guillotine doors come standard with 48" tall side rails. 69" side rails are available for an additional cost.

Up Grade Note: The rails used for the Thermo Insulated Kennel Door are the same as found in nearly all guilltine door models offered through Security Boss. This allows you to upgrade your panels only to another version in the future if the need arises.
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