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Pet Pass Thru

SB Pet Pass Thru

Indoor Pet Door for Cats & Small Dogs

Pet Pass Thru Pet Door by Security Boss
Pet Opening
7"w x 9"h
10"w x 12"h
Fits Interior Doors 1 1/4" to 2" thick

The Security Boss Pet Pass Thru is a fun product for homes with any size cat or smaller dogs. This interior pet door allows for free access to any room in the house...and you can keep the doors closed! There are two models one with a flap to control odors or temperature variances, and the other is a basic pet portal with no flap. Two sizes to choose from, the Small will fit cats up to 20 lbs, while the Medium is perfect for most any terrier sized dogs and smaller.

Choose from 10 powder coated frame colors. These interior pet doors will last and provide you and your pet the freedom you have been missing.

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