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The Best Pet Doors by Design

MaxSeal® Pet Doors

[photo] MaxSeal® Pet Door shown with tabernacle grey frame and black security panel option.

MaxSeal® Pet Doors are made in USA using only the best materials and can be ordered in several stock and custom colors with either black or white security panels.

MaxSeal® Pet Doors are available in dual flap or single flap, door mounted and wall mounted models. No other dog door or cat door seals or insulates as well!

MaxSeal® Pet Door models are available in several standard sizes designed for the smallest dogs and cats to the tallest and largest breeds. Need a custom size pet door? No problem! All MaxSeal® custom made pet doors have the same features and optional as our standard size pet doors.

Choose the Correct Size Door for Your Pet

MaxSeal® Pet Doors are available in stock sizes with flap openings from 6w" x 7.5h", (our "Small" size), up to 15 3/4w" x 32h", (our "Behemoth" size), and a wide range of common shapes and sizes in between.

Choose Door Size By Dog Breed

Wall Mounted Models

Door Mounted Models

Can't find just the right size for your pet? No problem! MaxSeal® Pet Doors can be ordered in custom sizes. Whether you need a door for a pet goat, pig, giant tortoise or any other pet --- we can manufacture a door to fit your need. Custom orders add only 2-3 days to shipping times.

Custom Door Size Calculator:

[photo] MaxSeal® Pet Door shown with signal white frame and black security panel option.

MaxSeal® Pet Door Features:

The only insulated security panel on the market!
  • Impact-resistant insulated security panels, strongest protection & security available.
  • Dead-bolt designer locking pin for maximum security.
  • Low-profile designer fold-down handle.
  • Easy, one hand operation, anti-slam design keeps panel from free-falling into place and damaging frame.
  • Nylon reinforced flaps for optimal strength.
  • Weatherized flaps stay flexible in temps in excess of -20 degrees.
  • UV resistant flaps will not shrink, crack or yellow...tested in the Arizona heat & Minnesota winters.
  • Flaps attach with easy thumb-screw (no dis-assembly required).
  • Magnetic closure with steel alnico magnets...Optional High Wind magnets guarantee your flap will not blow in even in worst conditions.
  • Precision rivet aligned steel strike plates...will not fall off like crimped versions.
  • Insulating high-density brush pile seals.
  • Perfect sealing flap every time!
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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