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Kennel Clad® Swing Kennel Door


The Kennel Clad® Swing Kennel Door by Security Boss® Manufacturing features an insulated rigid flap that is clad on both sides with aluminum and reinforced with rugged aluminum framing channel. The quiet swing action makes this kennel door a natural choice for kennel facilities with multiple runs.

Design Features

The Kennel Clad® Swing Door has been designed for harsh and abusive kennel environments. All components are made of naturally rust resistant aluminum. The insulated flap eliminates heating and cooling losses. Weather stripping lines all sides of the door to eliminate drafts. Unique, embedded magnets along the base of the door sealed, while allowing for silent operation. Each door is custom made to fit our customers specific rough cut or wall penetration measurements.

Use with Guillotine Dog Kennel Doors

Kennel Clad® Swing Doors are installed on the exterior side of wall penetrations. This allows for the use of ANY guillotine door system to be used in tandem with these doors. Security Boss® does recommend that you might consider one of the guillotine kennel doors from the durable Kennel Clad® Line as they can provide incomparable longevity and quality.

Insulated Model
The Kennel Clad® Swing Kennel Door was designed to provide kennel facilities with a chew proof, insulated durable kennel door solution. This swinging insulated kennel door is made upon order to fit any wall penetration opening. The rugged design holds up with even the most destructive dogs...while still providing your facility with measurable energy savings.
Kennel Clad Swing Door Features
Kennel Clad Swing Door Features
Kennel Clad Swing Door Features
Kennel Clad Swing Door Features
Designed for Extreme Canine Environments

Frame Colors
Frame Color Options
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