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Security Boss® Classic Guillotine

Kennel Dog Doors

    Classic Guillotine Kennel Doors
  • Economy & Performance - Our door is made of 1/4" HDPE which is resistant to mildew and bacterial growth and yet will wear the constant use found in commercial kennels
  • Improved Strength and Operation -
    The Classic Guillotine Kennel Door is a HDPE panel that is reinforced on all sides with the Security Boss custom C-channel. This reinforcement prevents warping, bending and binding that naturally occurs with all polypropylene, plastic or HDPE type kennel doors. The Classic Kennel Door will maintain its integrity due to the strong aluminum framing on all sides.

  • Rail Strength - Our Rails are indestructible. They can be used for the Security Boss® Premium Insulated Doors, Security Boss® Standard, Kennel Clad® Metal Insulated and Kennel Clad® Metal Standard.
  • Maximum Adjustment - Generous adjusting slots on rails for proper fitting during installation & maintenance upkeep.
  • All Needed Hardware - Each door comes complete with needed hardware for installation and use.

Know Before You Buy
HDPE, polypropylene and plastic guillotine kennel doors may warp through time. These materials are most often extruded and wrapped into a large roll before processing or cutting into sheets. This production process results in warping through time as the material tends to revert to its curled state.

Our Classic Kennel Doors
are reinforced to prevent
this warping and curling

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